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Trading with energy

Our presence in the wholesale energy markets enables us to explore synergies by using our extensive market expertise, our highly qualified employees, and our efficient organisation and business processes for the benefit of our customers. Our effective and centrally coordinated trading infrastructure serves as a bridge to our services in local markets. We constantly strive to identify opportunities and benefit from market changes while always controlling the risks of the market.

One of our most important tasks is the optimal procurement of energy volumes as required by our customers. In the past fiscal year, we traded 81 TWh in electric energy at international power exchanges, such as Leipzig (EEX).

Modern energy procurement

As an energy sales company with many years of experience, we have excellent access to the relevant energy markets (futures-, spot- and intraday-markets). Thanks to the necessary market infrastructure as well as our know-how, our finely tuned trading products and our services, we are able to open up an extensive array of opportunities to our customers, which would otherwise remain unavailable to them. 

Know-how in a nutshell

Our headquarters in Vienna are the starting point of our activities at the key energy hubs and exchanges in Europe. As a plant operator, you benefit from our regular energy services. Benefit from balancing services to protect yourself against risks, reduce your balancing energy costs, and maintain balanced accounts.

Balancing group management

Efficient balancing is a key element of the energy value chain. Our active management of consumption deviations and our analytical models of consumption forecasting enable our customers and business partners to benefit from savings and competitive advantages. As a balance responsible party, we manage one of Austria’s largest balancing groups.

Balancing energy pool services

The increasing generation of energy from renewable, volatile sources is continuously gaining influence on the electricity and control energy market. Our intraday trading provides active assistance in exploiting opportunities in this segment and reduces risks thanks to prompt reactions to market changes. Our experts are happy to offer advice as to how ideally make use of your flexibility with regard to generation and consumption facilities. We exploit any opportunity thanks to efficient market observation, considering regional fundamental data, and the permanent monitoring of market risks.

Portfolio and risk management

The foundation of effective portfolio management with regard to risk aspects is the continuous and active monitoring of Europe’s energy markets, taking into account the regional fundamental data, and business relations to trading partners in key European markets. The expertise of our trading experts enables us to both promptly and flexibly react to various stock market situations. We constantly strive to identify opportunities and benefit from market changes while always controlling the risks of the market.  


Once you have chosen our tranche, spot price, or portfolio models, our portfolio management will consult you on the best implementation of your electricity and gas contract. 

 Contact for customers

[Translate to English:] Christian Grafendorfer

Christian Grafendorfer
Head of Portfolio Management | R&A

+43 1 904 10-13312

Contact for trading partners

[Translate to English:] Stefan Gappmayer

Stefan Gappmayer
Head of Trading

+43 1 904 10-12006

Shortcodes and key figures

Main Lines

EAA Portfoliomanagement +43 1 904 10-12444
Short Term Desk +43 1 904 10-12000
Forward and Derivatives Desk +43 1 904 10-12100
Intraday / Operations/24h +43 1 904 10-23023
Scheduling (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) +43 1 904 10-12004
24h Emergency +43 1 904 10-23024

EIC-Codes Power

APG, Amprion, TenneT, Transnet BW, 50Hertz: 14XEAA-BILANZ00K

Hub Codes Gas

Austrian VTP 25Y-ENE3---1---E
Germany THE THE0BFH000460000

General Information:

Commercial Register Nr.: FN 211838b, Vienna
VAT No.: ATU 52364007
Code for EFETnet CMS: 14XEUTL00000000J
ECAS Trading account for EUA transfer: EU-100-5016848-0-88
ACER code: A0001154P.AT

We reserve the right to tape all telephone calls for documentation purposes.

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