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“Our professional energy trading enables us to react to any market situation around the clock and to provide the best possible services to our customers.”

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“It is all about sustainable and practical solutions to ensure the efficient energy supply to our customers.”


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“According to physics, energy is the product of power and time. Our power is the ability to fulfil the wishes of our customers day and night.”

About EAA

Company with character

In order to secure their competitive edge in the liberalised electricity and natural gas market as well as to further strengthen their market position, the partners BURGENLAND ENERGIE, EVN and WIEN ENERGIE set up the joint venture company ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria (EAA) in 2001 to bundle their sales and trading operations under a single umbrella organisation and take advantage of related synergies.   

As a leading energy sales and trading company, ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria and its group companies supplies all customer segments across borders with electricity, natural gas, and energy-related services. Their extensive product portfolio as well as special services provide customers and stakeholders with a wide range of choices. 

Moreover, ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria carries out trading activities across all relevant markets and stock exchanges in Europe.

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