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Whether you are an industrial enterprise, a corporate group with numerous branches and points of consumption, or a commercial operation: today’s business customers have very specific energy supply needs and requirements. We have just the right energy product for your individual level of energy consumption, purchasing characteristics, and risk tolerance. Our electricity and gas product offers are based on a clear and transparent model system. Choose from fixed-pricetranche, portfolio and spot price models, and combine them with our additional options and services. 

Characteristics of EAA products

Characteristics of EAA products
Characteristics of EAA products

Fixed-price models

Classic fixed-price models provide customers ranging from commercial operations to medium-sized industrial enterprises with high planning security at low administrative effort. Choose one of our transparent fixed-price models and benefit from advantages in the fields of planning security, budget management, and reliable energy controlling.

We offer:

  • Fixed prices throughout the entire term of the contract
  • Minimum effort in energy procurement
  • Simple and transparent pricing
  • High planning security in budgeting
  • Guarantee of current market price levels


Electricity Products:


Tranche models

The flexible solutions of our tranche models enable companies to take advantage of an extensive range of market opportunities at manageable risk. They can actively participate in energy procurement and swiftly react to individual price developments. When coosing one of our tranche models, you commission our purchasing experts to procure your energy needs at different times.

We offer:

  • Risk distribution based on multiple procurement times
  • Participation in ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria fund management
  • Expert know-how in procurement
  • Transparency in electricity procurement systematics


Electricity Products:



Spotpreis models

Choose our spot price models and benefit from our market experience as well as stock exchange developments. You may decide to cap your remaining quantities and obtain a fixed price in the course of supply. This product allows customers with low energy needs to still benefit from the spot market.

We offer:

  • Uncomplicated product combinations at the futures and spot market
  • Transparent pricing
  • Risk distribution between futures and spot market
  • High flexibility
  • Freedom of choice to cap open quantities in supply period
  • No excess/shortage clause


Electricity products:


Portfolio models

Our portfolio models provide you as the customer with every freedom to meet your energy needs based on individual market products. We act as your service provider for the settlement and offer both advice and assistance.

You receive all the necessary market information on energy prices. We inform you about the settlement prices on the EEX on a daily basis and send you a comprehensive weekly market report on key price developments.


We offer:

  • Portfolio pricing according to your instructions 
  • Portfolio breakdown into standardised base and peak products
  • Maximum transparency and proximity to the wholesale market (EEX)
  • Coordination and adjustment of the projected annual quantity
  • Coverage of energy requirements by means of individual market products
  • Consideration of control energy assigned to the customer


Electricity Products:




The installation of PV systems is experiencing a real boom. Many of our customers also have PV systems and want a competent partner to feed in their electricity. We therefore offer the opportunity to feed surplus electricity into the grid at attractive prices. We would be happy to advise you on our feed-in models.

Intraday Trading

We offer an extensive range of services for the short-term, physical electricity market. We take care of placing your bids and process the complex settlement of intraday trading. We are always at your side and consult you on all questions of intraday trading.

Control energy marketing

The marketing of control energy has become increasingly important due to the expansion of the renewable energy segment in recent years. The relocation of production and consumption capacities makes it possible to generate added value by exploiting price differences in wholesale markets. We offer consulting in all questions related to control energy marketing. 


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