Network Management

The segment introduces itself

"Network Management serves as the interface between network operators and other energy suppliers. We take care of supplier changes, contract terminations, new installations and shutdowns as well as functioning market communication and measurement data management. Our work ensures security of supply for our customers and contributes to the quality of data in our systems."

Erwin Göschl

Erwin Göschl
Head of Accounting

What training/education is ideal to work in Network Management? 
Sound computer knowledge is a prerequisite; you learn working with our expert systems on the job in our team.   

What qualities are of particular interest for the job?
You should not mind spending a lot of your worktime in front of a computer screen. We are a small team and need to work closely together. Especially when it comes to repetitive work, you need to be precise and keep a cool head. 

What does our everyday work look like? 
Although a few mouse clicks is usually all it takes to resolve most standard cases, there are also rare problems that require expert knowledge, clarifying conversations with everyone involved and often a lot of time. 

Where do we frequently work with other business segments?
The most important segment we work with is Customer Management but we also need to cooperate with various other segments.   

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