Viktoria Harzl

about EAA as an employer

Intraday Energy Trading

with EAA since 2015

What are your tasks and responsibilities at EAA?
The production of electricity often needs to be optimised at short notice due to ups and downs in power generation, consumption, or deviations from forecasts. Such differences are then either balanced by means of electricity from the energy exchange, or we have to buy from or sell to a trading partner. This is called intraday trading and my primary area of responsibility. As electricity is needed day and night, our work in intraday trading never stops. In other words, I regularly also work on weekends or at night as part of our shift system.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?
I think it is really exciting to be confronted with an entirely new situation every single day. The market is changing so fast – no situation is like others before. I need to react and prioritise quickly but also get immediate feedback on my decision. At the international level, we experience certain ambitions to integrate and better connect the various power markets, while trade barriers are limiting cross-border transport opportunities at the very same time. All these different aspects influence my work. 

Why do you like working here?
I really appreciate working together with my colleagues. And it may even happen that we have fun here at EAA.