Environmental and green electricity offers

We offer all our energy products in EAA-Aqua hydropower product quality to ensure your company’s green carbon footprint and a sustainable energy future. In addition, our customers may also select individual green electricity solutions from the product portfolio our our green electricity subsidiary NATURKRAFT.

Energy quality according to your wishes

Determine the quality of your supplied energy yourself. Choose the product quality Standard-Mix to enjoy the benefits of a cost-efficient product. The electricity supplied by ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria for Standard-Mix products is 100% free of nuclear power.

Choose the product quality EAA-Aqua to obtain electricity from ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria generated by European hydropower plants. ENERGIEALLIANZ Austria issues a certificate to confirm the procurement of electricity from hydropower as a clear sign of your commitment. Your decision for EAA-Aqua product quality demonstrates that your business attributes great importance to resource-conserving energy consumption and CO2 reduction. 

Choose one of our premium products “Ökostrom” (Green Electricity) or “NaturStrom” (NaturElectricity) to make sure you are supplied with 100% green electricity from Austria. If you pick our subsidiary NATURKRAFT as your energy supplier, you can rest assured to obtain nothing but green electricity from renewable sources without generating any CO2 emissions or radioactive waste.

Green electricity models

The green electricity models of our green subsidiary NATURKRAFT are an excellent way of playing your part in environmental protection and the use of natural resources: present your business as an example of sustainable management. Even Austrian cities and municipalities may assume the role of pioneers by choosing NATURKRAFT products. The origin of NATURKRAFT electricity and its environmental impact is tested and certified by TÜV Austria every year.

We offer:

  • 100% green electricity certified by TÜV Austria
  • Green electricity certificate as a visible sign of your environmental commitment
  • Electricity free of CO2 and nuclear power to improve your carbon and ecological footprint

Green electricity products

Naturkraft-Aktiv Naturkraft-Individual 
Naturkraft-Tranchen Naturkraft-Optimizer

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